Optical Character Recognition (OCR)


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

To assist employees, partners, members of the board and volunteers fill out their expense reports in a timely manner, Advataxes uses an Optical Character recognition (OCR) functionality that prepopulates fields, such as expense date, vendor name, and amount to be reimbursed. This is done for each uploaded receipt such as for a meal expense incurred, a parking expense or for the purchase of a tablet. The OCR works on our IOS/Android App as well as on the Advataxes website, as it detects and extracts text from an image or a PDF file.

So, an employee can log in to the Advataxes App then take a picture of a receipt and values of that receipt should be transcribed into Advataxes in real time.

See how it works

You can view how the OCR works below.

Yet, employees should understand that this functionality that uses artificial intelligence is by no means designed to be full proof, and as such employees should review the populated fields and as the case may be, bring the necessary rectifications.