Advataxes - To Address the Challenges of the 5 Tax Zones

Despite the 5 different sales tax recovery zones;

  • the Maritimes; 15% HST
  • Quebec; 5% GST, 9.975% QST
  • Ontario; 13% HST
  • Western Canada; 5% GST
  • outside Canada; none

the difference between "recovered input tax" and "input tax to be recovered" is only 1%. See the "Tax management Surveys" section for further details. If employees in your organization incur expenses in many of these tax zones, Advataxes is specifically designed to handle not only reimbursement of expenses, but also handle easily and efficiently tax recoveries on emloyee expenses

QST - Phasing out of the Restricted ITR since Jan 1, 2018

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Live Demo - August 08th, 2019

A live demo of the Advataxes software will be available on Webex on August 08th, 2019 at 11:30 AM (GMT -5). The demo last one hour.

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Managing Sales Tax Risk

Asking all employees to select tax codes for different expenses types incurred in different provinces can be difficult, and may lead to significant errors and lost of revenue. That is why Advataxes does not require all employees to be tax experts.

Using an Excel spreadsheet to fill out an expense report and attempting to properly manage GST/HST & QST is a daunting task, considering the current large number of provincial GST/HST rates across the country and even greater GST/HST & QST rules.

Advataxes Expense Category

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How much GST/HST & QST is paid on your employee expense reports?

A good efficient employee expense management system has to identify, quantify and document GST/HST & QST paid. This is key to recover all of these taxes. It is frequent that these taxes represent more than 10% of employee expense reimbursed.

Without a good management system, a good portion of these taxes, otherwise recoverable, is lost. Also other fees to consider included managing lengthy tax audits, tax contingency fees and tax advisory fees.

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Additionnal Cost of a Manual System

A study suggests that on average there is a 17$ cost difference per employee expense report between employee expense reports that are processed manually and ones that are processed through an integrated automated solution. Errors associated with data entry, lack of visibility and issues in implementing controls and policies are linked with manual system. Here is an example of of the kind of pie charts you can generate and get insight into spending

expense categories

Managing recoverable GST/HST & QST

Ad Valorem Valued Implementation Process

  • Training

    Short training videos in each account, short Webex or on-site training

  • 6 months later

    Review posted employee expenses

  • Results

    Calculated GST, HST and QST accuracy well above 98%

  • Feedback

    Provide a list of deficiencies to improve results

You want to have an idea of how the software works?

Try the Tax Calculator for Travel Expenses

Mobile Upload

See how to upload a picture of each receipt in two different ways, and fill out an employee expense using a smartphone.


Check our clients' comments about Advataxes on Capterra.

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Small and Medium Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

  • Handles GST/HST and QST rules for
    small and medium businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • Starting at $1,400 per year & $2 per expense report
  • Cancel at anytime
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Large Businesses

  • Handles GST/HST and QST rules for
    large businesses

  • (Generally more than $10 million in annual sales)
  • Starting at $2,000 per year & $2 per expense report
  • Cancel at anytime
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What is included

  • GST/HST and QST Automation

    Depending of the province or the territory, recoverable taxes ranges from 5% GST in British Columbia to a 15% HST in Newfoundland and Labrador. In addition these Canadian Vat Taxes are fully recoverable, partially recoverable, non-recoverable or to be remitted such as the provincial portion of the HST in Prince Edward Island on certain expense type for large businesses. For special cases, a functionality to modify calculated taxes is included.

  • GST/HST and QST Rule Update

    Changes to the tax rates are done automatically by Ad Valorem. When there is a new HST in a province, Ad Valorem takes care of this change.

  • Foreign Currency Conversion

    The foreign currency conversion is done for major currencies (i.e. US dollar, Euro, British Pound, etc..) using the weekly rate.

  • Approval Levels and Delegation

    The configuration can be set for one or two approval levels. Also a 'delegation functionality' is in place in order to fill out an expense report on behalf of another person.

  • Integration

    A wide selection of accounting segments as well as export functionalities under CSV and Excel allow for a smooth integration into most accounting software.

  • Mobile

    Whether you are using a tablet or a smartphone, your employee can access Advataxes from anywhere. Employees can easily create expenses, take picture of receipts and submit their expense reports.

  • Security

    Advataxes uses SSL encryption at time of data transmission. Your data is stored in a secured Amazon Web Services data centre. Daily backups are performed.

  • Management Reports

    A wide range of management report are available: GST, HST and QST paid on expenses, the factors method, expense categories spending are only a few amongst several reports that will allow you to gain control into this spending.