Bank Card Upload

Bank Upload

Bank Card Upload

Employees who incur business expenses on their credit card may use our tool to speed up the process of filling out their expense report. This tool consists of a direct link to their bank, in order to allow for an upload of their business transactions. We are using Plaid which has established a direct link with more than 100 financial institutions across North America, so your employees can access their business transactions from their financial institutions efficiently.

Advataxes is designed in order that employees can attach a digital copy of their invoices to each expense. This allows approvers to easily review expense reports. You should know that invoices are the proper documents for Canadian tax purposes, not VISA or Mastercard statements. If your organisation handles procurement cards, talk to us to find out how Advataxes can handle these kinds of expenditures smoothly. You should note that we do not store any employee's bank account credentials or information.

Upload CSV files

A different way to upload corporate card transactions and procurement card transactions is to use the export functionality in CSV format that is available by most financial institutions. Subsequently employees can use our interface allowing import of corporate credit card transactions directly in Advataxes in order to lower the data processing time. Does your organization have a centralized corporate credit card system? We can work with you to implement a system where the administrator of that account can download the transactions of their corporate credit card in each employee's Advataxes account. These employees will have the task to link their receipts with each transaction for tax compliance purposes. For that matter they can use our App, our web link or both.