Accounting Integration

Accounting Integeration

Get outputs from Advataxes for your accounting system

Although Advataxes is a Canadian product dealing with detailed Canadian sales tax rules, namely the GST/HST and QST rules (see our GST/HST/QST parameter page) we understand that most accounting software are either American or European that haven’t been built around our unique Canadian sales tax environment, so we focus on having a smooth integration with these software.

Advataxes employee expense reports that are displayed with your chart of accounts can be extracted in a CSV output in a format of your choosing. Some accounting software have a specific sequence of required fields, with a specific format regulating all characters, some have a string of different account segments which would include a division, a project and/or a cost center. Advataxes is setup so that a format can be created to espouse a very specific template. That format can be used so that all our CSV reports are exported in that format.

That CSV output can be used for a single expense report or it can be use for all expense reports over a period of time, such as a two-week period, and thus creating a single CSV file containing all those expense reports.

So, whether your organization uses Sage, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamic GP, SAP, Netsuite, Wave, Zero, Patriot, Blackline, etc… to automate the process of transferring Advataxes expense reports in your accounting software, as long as the accounting software accepts CSV files, contact us to discuss your specifications.