Distance Calculator

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Getting the KMs Between Addresses

Advataxes distance calculator allows all employees to obtain their number of kilometers driven between 2 specific addresses in Canada and in the United States. Simply insert the departure point and a drop down will be displayed so the employee can select the departure address. The same can be done with the destination. The shortest distance, expressed in kilometers, will automatically populate your employee expense report. The distance calculator is available on both our website and our app.

Of course, with Advataxes the automation doesn’t stop there; The GST/HST and QST deemed paid as the case may be, is also calculated.

What do we take into account to calculate the deemed tax paid on kilometer allowance? For every calendar year, a ceiling as published by the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Quebec is integrated in order to exclude the deemed tax paid above that ceiling. For instance the kilometers incurred in a province in the calendar year 2024 at a rate above 70 cents will not generate any deemed tax paid. The same goes for kilometers incurred in a territory above 74 cents. Furthermore, in this case an alert is sent when the kilometer count reaches 5,000 in a calendar year, in order for the rate to be lowered, in accordance to current tax legislations.

Finally, based your organization's sales tax profile; we also automate the input tax(es) to claim. Factors that we consider are whether your organization is registered to the GST/HST regime and to the QST regime, as well as the ratio of commercial activities.

Back Office ROI

See for yourself how your organization can obtain a return on investment by modernizing your back office process. The less time employees spend on managing expense reports, the more they will be able to work on more productive tasks for your organization.