Accounting and Management

An employee expense accounting software

  • The administrator of an account can assign employees different statuses, such as first level approver or second level approver in order to build an approval workflow.

  • Depending on the structure of your organization, our software enables you to link your expenses to a work order, a project, a department or a cost centre.

  • The foreign currency conversion of the US dollar, the Euro, the British Pound, the Mexican Peso, the Japanese Yen, the Renminbi, the Hong Kong dollar and the Indian Rupee are done automatically in Canadian dollars and updated weekly.

  • Your data to be imported will include expense amounts, GST/HST & QST to claim. We store both GST/HST/QST paid and GST/HST/QST claimed.

Easy integration

To facilitate integration into your chart of accounts, you can choose to assign multiple categories to a single account. There is no need to create new accounts if the number of categories exceeds your number of accounts.

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Advataxes Expense Category Chart

Company Policies and Processes

  • Per diem

    Advataxes allows you to easily manage per diem. If it is your company policy to offer fixed amount per diem these can be created and remove by the administrator of the account, at will.

  • Approval process

    The approval process can be set for one or two levels. Using one level, when a report is submitted, it is sent to the employee's designated approver and the approver will have the choice to finalize or return the report to the employee. The approver also has the ability to make modifications if needed.

  • Videos and Guides

    All employees can access short instructional videos, as well as guides. Advataxes is a user friendly software; no lengthy training required.

  • E-mails

    Notifications are sent automatically in several situations, such as (a) to inform an employee that their account has been created, (b) to inform a manager that a report has been submitted for review or (c) to inform an employee that their expense report has been finalized.

  • Imaging

    Employees can easily attach receipts to each expense using their laptop and their smartphone.

  • Employees Data

    All administrators can access many reports giving details of all expense reimbursements. So they can get the total km/miles done per year per employee, average daily lodging expenses, etc...

  • Double Posting

    Both the employee and the approver get a warning for double posting of an expense or of an allowance.

  • Controls

    Series of controls are embedded such as: an audit trail of comments for each expense report, a check for invalid characters, a note for soaring tip amounts, etc...