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Advataxes Productivity

GST/HST/QST Features

  • Built to handle the exact method
  • Automate GST/HST/QST recoverable on meal expenses excluding tips
  • Automate GST/HST/QST recoverable on allowances
  • Send an alert when 5000 KM has been reached
  • Allow all users to edit GST/HST & QST paid
  • Has GST/HST & QST recovery rules at the category level (i.e. meals, etc…)
  • Automate calculated tax both on a "tax included" basis and a "tax extra" basis
  • Major GST/HST & QST rule update done by us
  • NPOs & FIs: Store both GST/HST/QST payable & recoverable
  • NPOs: automate different HST recovery rates for each province
  • Split the HST between the provincial and the federal portion for compliance purposes
  • No tax code (no requirements for employees to be tax practitioners)

Online Expense Reports Tools

  • IOS/Android App
  • Corporate credit card transactional upload
  • Distance calculator
  • Annual log of kilometers traveled for business purposes
  • OCR
  • Digital image attached to each expense
  • Up to 2 levels of approval
  • Automatically covert 8 foreign currencies
  • Department code, work order, cost center & project numbers can be added
  • Accounting integration – CSV output to configure
  • Encrypted transmission
  • English or French at the employee level
  • Data stored in a Canadian data center

As tax audits are currently increasing (see our blog); get ready.

If you would also like to try Advataxes for free, please go the Request Questionnaire page. For the demo, please fill out this page and we will contact you.