Advataxes Productivity

Why We Are Different

Advataxes was designed first and foremost to handle Canadian Value Added Taxes (VAT) rules (i.e. GST/HST and QST) on employee expenses. Canada is unique since we have decentralized VAT rules and rates at the provincial level. With the gradual removal of the restrictions to claim HST and QST by large businesses, and with the gradual provincial harmonization to Canadian Value Added taxes, it is important that these recoverable taxes are properly managed as they can represent a significant recovery of up to 15% of expenditures when a series of conditions are met. We don’t favor the use of corporate credit cards as their monthly statements are not valid sales tax/income tax documents; individual invoices are. For GST/HST and QST purposes we favor the exact methods since with a proper software design, we can maximize input taxes to claim. Advataxes is owned and operated by Ad Valorem Inc.